Don have write access for your itunes media folder backup

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Back up and restore your iTunes Library

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How to Move Your iTunes Library to an External Drive

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How to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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This setting would also be nonsensical to any intelligent contents. Your iTunes library is a database that contains all the music and other media that you have purchased or otherwise added to iTunes.

The iTunes library consists of at least three files: two iTunes library files and an iTunes Media folder. Open PhoneBrowse after connecting your device to computer > Click Backup System and choose one of the backup files > You will enter into the iPhone Backup system for further management > Choose photos, notes, messages, contacts, or bookmarks from an iPhone backup to extract.

PhoneBrowse - #1 Free iPhone Explorer

Note: The iTunes bug is known to rearrange the songs’ positions in the Media folder. Therefore returning to the previous version of the library may prove to be futile.

If you instead have your music and playlists intact on an iPhone, iPod or iPad device, skip to this section: Restore library from iPhone, iPod or. How to back up your iPhone to Google Drive Google Drive is a great place to back up a lot of content held on your iPhone, mainly because of the 15GB of free storage you get with your Google account.

This cannot be achieved with iTunes as it transfers your entire media library. It is a neat trick to transfer photos to external hard drive with your Mac as we had shown you quite some time back. Some of you had asked us how to transfer photos from iPhone to external hard drive on Windows.

By connecting your iPad to iTunes you get to see all your media content – apps, music files, movies, TV shows, podcasts, etc. One of the first things you can learn, if you have forgotten, is the memory capacity of your .

Don have write access for your itunes media folder backup
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Here's Where macOS Stores Photos, Books, Music and Other Files