Fun writing activities for high school seniors

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Fun Activities for High School Seniors

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8 Fun Creative Writing Lesson Plans for High School Students

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Things To Do

Begin with one specific from each group decision on their own. LEARN MORE ABOUT SAGEMINDER CARE CALLS HERE. Fun on the Go with Seniors.

Animals: Visit a pet store. Eating Out: Go to a favorite restaurant in mid-afternoon when it is not busy and just get dessert and coffee.

Entertainment: See about concerts and plays at your local high school for low-cost/low-stress live entertainment. Special Events: See if there are senior fairs going on in your.

I was lucky to have had great creative writing teachers when I was in high school. They were very passionate about literature, and because of them I continued to pursue creative writing. Those teachers also impacted me because of the great creative writing activities they used to allow the.

They are mature and fun and it’s weird (in a good way) being in a high school setting, but dealing with students who are legally adults. After the AP test we would engage in project-based learning, perform presentations, and do other fun activities, but there was something missing.

Lawndale High School serves th grade students and is located in Lawndale, CA. Purchase Yearbooks for $ (nameplate) by using a School Pay. Deadline to Friday, November 16th. Click below Click here Seniors.

Create a lasting impression: #myseniorfootprint

We need the students to link their Khan Academy to their College Board. If you need help, especially with the Khan Academy, they can contact the librarian or Ms. Gildon or the College Advisors.

Fun writing activities for high school seniors
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