Strategies for spatiotemporal regeneration

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One is an open word article distributed under the Unsung Commons Attribution Licensewhich sources unrestricted use, distribution, and make in any medium, once the original work is properly cited. Debated bone regeneration at a reliable bone defect NIH-PA Author Manuscript by higher release of bone morphogenetic protein-2 from a balanced hydrogel.

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Verga Falzacappa et al.

Cover Art – Nanoparticles against Cancer and Biofabrication for Nerve Regeneration

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Adam W. Feinberg

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Spatiotemporal Delivery Strategies for Promoting Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration Spatiotemporal Delivery Strategies for Promoting Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration Guldberg, Robert E A primary regenerative medicine strategy is to stimulate or augment endogenous repair mechanisms that promote functional restoration of damaged or degenerated tissues.

Strategies for the systematic profiling of the stiffness of tissues and cells freshly harvested from the developing brain. To measure the mechanical properties of the developing brain, we designed the following approaches: Brain slices obtained from embryos at several different stages of development were quickly prepared, and the Young's modulus, a physical value that represents stiffness, was.

To uncover the molecular mechanisms of embryonic development, the ideal loss-of-function strategy would be capable of targeting specific regions of the living embryo with both temporal and spatial precision.

Adam Feinberg

To this end, we have developed a novel pharmacological agent that can be light activated to achieve spatiotemporally limited inhibition of Rho kinase activity in vivo.

This paper focuses on the regeneration of urban villages in hometown of Oversea-Chinese. With the influence of global industrialization and rapid urbanization in recent decades in China, a large number of Oversea-Chinese residence groups have become empty and decayed urban villages gradually.

Kolambkar YM, Boerckel JD, Dupont KM, Bajin M, Huebsch N, Mooney DJ, Hutmacher DW, Guldberg RE. Spatiotemporal delivery of bone morphogenetic protein enhances functional repair of segmental bone defects.

Abstract. There is an impelling need to develop new therapeutic strategies for patients with myocardial infarction and heart failure. Leading from the large quantity of new information gathered over the last few years on the mechanisms controlling cardiomyocyte proliferation during embryonic and fetal life, it is now possible to devise innovative therapies based on cardiac gene transfer.

Strategies for spatiotemporal regeneration
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