Write a letter to editor of newspaper formatting

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Sample Letters to a Local Newspaper

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Writing a letter to the editor is a good idea to start with if you are planning to use newspapers and other forms of print media as a platform to express your views. How to Write a Letter to the Editor and an Opinion Editorial. Jun 19, Letter to the Editor Strategies Check the newspaper’s print guidelines.

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Most newspapers have a web site. Check the paper’s web site or the editorial page of the print version for information about submitting a letter to the editor. Write about good news, not. Two of our most precious liberties remain freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and both freedoms combine when you write a letter to a newspaper editor.

Sample Letter 1.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper

Download and customize your Sample Letter to a Local Newspaper 1 (MS-WORD, 15 KB, 1 pg.) Please note that this letter is written from the viewpoint of a classroom teacher or education support professional.

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Write a letter to editor of newspaper formatting
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