Write a matrix vector formatting

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Matrix vector products

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Numeric precision to use in writing data to the file, specified as the comma-separated pair consisting of 'precision' and a scalar or a C-style format specifier that begins with %, such as '%f'.

If the value of precision is a scalar, then it indicates the number of significant digits. I'd like to write the matrix equation A = (x y) B (x y)^T, where (x y)^T is written as a column vector and B is a 2x2 matrix written as such.

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I can (almost) do this by, for example, the following. Default WRAM Usage By default, the bytes at F00hFFFh in Work RAM are reserved for Interrupt vector, Interrupt Stack, and BIOS Call Stack. Pulse the pin with the value for the given time in milliseconds.

It uses a hardware timer to produce accurate pulses, and returns immediately (before the pulse has finished). Is it better to write LaTex directly or write a markdown file first and then convert it into LaTex file? How can one understand the use of matrices as vectors?

Matrices can be described either as "tuples of vectors" or "linear transformations on vectors".

Write a matrix vector formatting
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